Trash, Art, And The Movies
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Heather and Paul review two films about naive Americans who travel to northern Africa in search of enlightenment, and wind up lost in the desert instead. First: THE SHELTERING SKY, Bernardo Bertolucci's 1990 film version of Paul Bowles' novel starring John Malkovich and Debra Winger as a married couple who succumb to existential despair during a sojourn in Tangier; then, ISHTAR, Elaine May's notorious 1987 flop comedy starring Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty as a pair of deeply untalented singer/songwriters who get caught between the CIA and a band of left-wing freedom fighters during a gig at a Moroccan nightclub. John Malkovich losing his passport, or Dustin Hoffman losing his passport: which will prevail?

Plus: remembrances of Roger Ebert, and mini-reviews of FREE RADICALS and PHIL SPECTOR.

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