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The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Paul and Erin briefly rouse themselves from the couch to discuss two movies depicting two different eras of post-collegiate slackerdom: Lena Dunham's 2010 career-launcher TINY FURNITURE, and Ben Stiller's 1994 Generation X pulse-taker REALITY BITES. Twentysomethings in Tribeca or twentysomethings in Texas: which will prevail?

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Paul and Heather do battle over two films about badass female assassins: Steven Soderbergh's stripped-down 2011 "thinking man's thriller" HAYWIRE; and Renny Harlin's gleeful 1996 explosion-fest THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. Nonprofessional actor Gina or Oscar-winning actor Geena: which will prevail?

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Erin and Paul stage the ultimate 3D cinematic dance battle as Wim Wenders' 2011 tribute to the late, great choreographer Pina Bausch PINA faces off against Jon M. Chu's exuberantly ridiculous tale of an electrical engineering student who becomes a pivotal player in New York's underground competitive dance scene. The House of Pirates or Tanztheater Wupperthal: which will prevail?

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Heather and Paul bone up on their knowledge of international matiral law as Iranian writer/director Asghar Farhadi's 2011 domestic drama A SEPARATION faces off against Merchant/Ivory's 2003 Parisian confection LE DIVORCE. Hijabs or Kelly bags: which will prevail?

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Erin and Paul devote a whole lot of talk this week to movies that contain no talking whatsoever, as Michael Hazanavicius' unlikely 2011 Best Picture Oscar-winner THE ARTIST faces off against Mel Brooks' 1976 comedy throwback SILENT MOVIE. A dog named Uggi and a man named Eggs: which will prevail? 

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