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The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Erin and Paul dissect the two new smash-hit films at the centre of the Barbenheimer phenomenon: Greta Gerwig's pastel-hued comedy BARBIE, and Christopher Nolan's biopic OPPENHEIMER.

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Paul and Erin review two films from indie-cinema icon John Sayles: the sprawling 1996 Tex-Mex mystery LONE STAR, and the Sayles-scripted 1980 horror romp ALLIGATOR.

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Erin and Paul review the latest entries in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and INDIANA JONES franchies, plus Pixar's ELEMENTAL, BIOSPHERE and THE IDOL. Also: Erin describes the delights of San Francisco!

Erin and Paul pay tribute to the late literary lion Cormac McCarthy by reviewing two films based on his writing: Billy Bob Thornton's 2000 adaptation of his novel ALL THE PRETTY HORSES is our art pick, and Ridley Scott's baroque 2013 all-star thriller THE COUNSELOR.

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Paul and Erin review Wes Anderson's ASTEROID CITY, the animated spectacular SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE, Nicole Holofcener's YOU HURT MY FEELINGS, and the Jennifer Lawrence romcom NO HARD FEELINGS, as well as the new seasons of BLACK MIRROR, CLONE HIGH and DEMON SLAYER.