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The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Erin and Paul examine two films about teenagers forced to compete in winner-take-all bloodsports, as the new blockbuster adaptation of Suzanne Collins' THE HUNGER GAMES faces off against the controversial Japanese exploitation classic BATTLE ROYALE. Katniss or Kitano: which will prevail?

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Two movies about seemingly uptight bourgeois blondes who embark upon secret second careers as prostitutes go head to head as Luis Buñuel's Criterion-endorsed 1967 classic BELLE DE JOUR faces off against Ken Russell's berserko 1984 camp thriller CRIMES OF PASSION. Classy Catherine Deneuve or sleazy Kathleen Turner: which will prevail?

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder's recently rediscovered 1973 sci-fi TV-movie WORLD ON A WIRE faces off against THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, the big-budget 1999 Hollywood adaptation of the same classic source novel. Two different takes on virtual reality, one with videophones, the other with Vincent D'Onofrio: which will prevail? 

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Last year's surprise hit about an estranged father and son who bond over their shared love of robot boxing, REAL STEEL, faces off against Steven Spielberg's very strange, very personal (and very long) 2001 Kubrick hand-me-down A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Robots programmed to fight, or robots programmed to love: who will prevail? Only Erin Fraser and Paul Matwychuk can decide.

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