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Paul and Erin take lascivious delight in two versions of Choderlos de Laclos' classic saucy tale of sexual gameplaying among the rich and decadent. First, Glenn Close and John Malkovich are manipulative 18-century French aristocrats in Stephen Frears' 1988 drama DANGEROUS LIAISONS; then, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe are spoiled teenaged Manhattanite versions of the same characters in the 1999 GOSSIP GIRL prototype CRUEL INTENTIONS. Uma Thurman in a corset, or a sloppy kiss with Selma Blair: which will prevail?

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Colts are wielded by fillies this week as Heather and Paul examine two Westerns featuring female protagonists. First, Joan Crawford is a saloonkeeper who stands firm against a vengeful posse in Nicholas Ray's 1954 cult favourite JOHNNY GUITAR; then, Sharon Stone is the lone female contestant in a deadly gunslinging competition in Sam Raimi's winking 1995 homage to Sergio Leone, THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. A woman named Vienna, or a lady with no name at all: which will prevail?

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Paul and Erin examine two movies inspired by British author Mary Norton's beloved series of books about a family of four-inch-tall people living under the floorboards of a "big people"'s house: the boisterous 1997 comedy THE BORROWERS, starring John Goodman and Jim Broadbent; and THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY, the wistful 2010 animated film from Japan's Studio Ghibli. Hijinks in a milk-bottling factory or wonderment in a dollhouse: which will prevail?

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Heather and Paul take a break from harvesting their organic vegetables in order to discuss two films about the pleasures and the agonies of communal living. First, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are a pair of bankrupt Manhattanites who decide to join a hippy-dippy "intentional community" in upstate New York in the ensemble comedy WANDERLUST; then, the members of Swedish commune in the 1970s attempt to maintain social harmony and ideological purity in the face of infidelity, political clashes, and ugly sweaters in Lukas Moodysson's 2000 comedy/drama TOGETHER. Pantsless lesbians or naked winemakers: which will prevail?

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