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Paul and Erin review two films about couples breaking up against the backdrop of Las Vegas: the zany 1992 Nicolas Cage comedy HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, and Francis Ford Coppola's stylish, studio-bankrupting 1982 flop ONE FROM THE HEART. Plus: our quick takes on WINGS, THE MASK, EXPERIMENTER: THE STANLEY MILGRAM STORY, and SAINT LAURENT.

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Erin and Paul review two films starring the late, great music icon David Bowie: Nicolas Roeg's often-baffling 1976 sci-fi film THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, and Julien Temple's ambitious, stylized 1986 musical flop ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Plus: our quick takes on 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI, 99 HOMES, and this year's Oscar nominations.

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Paul and Erin review two early films starring Steve Martin: the 1979 rags-to-riches comedy THE JERK, and the bleak 1981 lip-sync musical PENNIES FROM HEAVEN. Plus: our quick takes on DIRTY DANCING onstage, the films of Satoshi Kon, THE REVENANT, and THE RIDICULOUS 6.

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Erin and Paul reveal their picks for the ten best films of 2015, as well as the year's best performance, most overrated and underrated films, and more!

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