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The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Paul and Erin lounge around the local pool hall, hair greased back and covered in a thin layer of sweat, as they review the two back-to-back film adaptations of S.E. Hinton novels that Francis Ford Coppola directed in 1983. First: THE OUTSIDERS, in which an all-star cast of young Hollywood dreamboats play a soulful gang of "greasers" in 1960s Oklahoma; then, the hyperstylized RUMBLE FISH, in which Matt Dillon plays a restless, none-too-bright young hoodlum recklessly determined to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, a motorcycle-riding local legend played by Mickey Rourke. Stay gold, Ponyboy, or stay black-and-white except for a couple of fish in an aquarium tank: which will prevail?

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Heather and Paul take deadly aim at two films about men stalking big game in dangerous environments. First, Willem Dafoe is a loner hired by a shadowy pharmaceutical company to track down the world's last remaining Tasmanian tiger in the moody 2011 drama THE HUNTER; then, Val Kilmer is a railway engineer in turn-of-the-century Kenya who teams up with Michael Douglas to hunt down a pair of relentless maneating lions in the 1996 adventure THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS. Val Kilmer or violent Kiwis: which will prevail?

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Erin and Paul offer their unsimulated opinions on two movies about mammoth money-forging operations. First, a group of Jewish concentration camp inmates are forced to assist a Nazi plot to destabilize their enemies' economies in the 2007 Oscar-winning German film THE COUNTERFEITERS; then, William Peterson is a U.S. federal agent who will stop at nothing—and drive anywhere, in any direction—to bring down Willem Dafoe's counterfeiting operation in William Friedkin's 1985 thriller TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. Ping pong in a prison or Wang Chung on the soundtrack: which will prevail?

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Paul and Heather return from their week off with a look at two sympathetic cinematic portrayals of straying wives. First: Michelle Williams jeopardizes her marriage to chicken chef Seth Rogen by falling into an affair with the hunky rickshaw driver who lives down the street in writer/director Sarah Polley's TAKE THIS WALTZ; then, Diane Lane risks throwing away her marriage to Richard Gere by embarking on a steamy relationship with hunky Frenchman Olivier Martinez in Adrian Lyne's 2002 melodrama UNFAITHFUL. "Video Killed the Radio Star" or "Richard Gere Killed the Hunky French Book Dealer": which will prevail?

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