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TAATM #93: The Monuments Men vs. The Train

Paul and Erin review two WWII adventures about men trying to rescue great works of art from the clutches of the Nazis. First: THE MONUMENTS MEN, George Clooney's new all-star crowd-pleaser based on the true story of a group of art scholars assigned to save great buildings and artwork from destruction during the waning days of the war; then, THE TRAIN, John Frankenheimer's 1964 action film starring Burt Lancaster as a member of the French Resistance who attempts to foil the plans of an art-loving Nazi colonel to transport a train filled with priceless paintings across the border to Germany. Paintings on a train, or paintings in a mine: which will prevail?

Plus quick takes on VAMPIRE ACADEMY, ROBOCOP (both the original and the remake), WINTER'S TALE, and ENDER'S GAME.

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