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Heather Noel returns to the podcast to talk about two movies inspired by the Kennedy assassination and the many conspiracy theories that try to explain it. First: JFK, Oliver Stone's 1991 epic starring Kevin Costner as a New Orleans district attorney whose obsessive pursuit of Kennedy's killers threatens to destroy his reputation and his marriage; then, WINTER KILLS, William Richert's offbeat 1979 thriller starring Jeff Bridges as the younger brother of an assassinated president who stumbles across new evidence which suggests a vast (and very confusing) conspiracy might have been behind his brother's murder. Secret sex parties with Tommy Lee Jones, or secret sex parties with John Huston: which will prevail?

Plus: a Heather Noel update, and quick takes on TRUST, THE BAD SEED, BLUE JASMINE, AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS, and POST TENEBRAS LUX.

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