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TAATM #134: The Defiant Ones vs. Black Mama White Mama

Paul and Erin review two films about prison escapes, racism, and unbreakable chains. First: THE DEFIANT ONES, Stanley Kramer's 1958 classic starring Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier as two escaped convicts—one an angry black man, the other a white racist—attempting to evade the authorities while shackled together at the wrist; then, BLACK MAMA WHITE MAMA, Eddie Romero's 1972 sleazefest, set on a corrupt tropical island, starring Pam Grier and Margaret Markov as two shackled-together female convicts who must put aside their mutual hatred of each other when they escape from a women's penitentiary. A special appearance by SPIDER BABY star Lon Chaney Jr., or a special appearance by SPIDER BABY star Sid Haig: which will prevail?

Plus our quick takes on STILL ALICE, FOCUS, WATERLAND, and WILD TALES.

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