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TAATM #132: Mr. Turner vs. Big Eyes

Paul and Erin brush up against two recent films about great (and not-so-great) real-life artists. First: MR. TURNER, Mike Leigh's biopic starring Timothy Spall as the 19th-century British landscape artist J.M.W. Turner; then, BIG EYES, Tim Burton's offbeat account of Walter Keane, who rose to fame in the 1960s thanks to his kitschy paintings of mournful children, only to have his creations unmasked as the work of his wife Margaret. A man who refused to acknowledge his own children, or a man who became famous for painting orphans: which will prevail?

Plus: listeners pick the most anomalous auteur films of all time, and our quick takes on KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, IT FOLLOWS, WETLANDS, MOEBIUS, and R100.

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