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Just in time for Christmas, Erin and Paul review two films about harrowing home invasions. First: HOME ALONE, Chris Columbus' 1990 blockbuster starring Macauley Culkin as a boy who fights off a pair of bumbling burglars after being accidentally left behind when the rest of his family goes on a trip to Europe; then, FUNNY GAMES, Michael Haneke's shot-for-shot 2007 English-language remake of his 1997 German original, a Brechtian suspense film about a family whose Long Island vacation home is invaded by a pair of sadistic killers. An iron to the head, or a golf club to the kneecap: which will prevail?

Plus: our quick takes on WILD, ANNIE, INTO THE WOODS, and TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT, as well as our favourite underrated Christmas movies, and listener choices for the director who's had the most negative influence on movies and/or moviemaking.

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