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TAATM #111: The Turning Point vs. The Company

Erin and Paul squeeze into their pointe shoes to review two films that take place behind the scenes of major ballet companies. First: THE TURNING POINT, the 1977 soap opera starring Anne Bancroft as an aging ballet star and Shirley MacLaine as her estranged friend who gave up her ballet career to become a wife and mother; then, THE COMPANY, Robert Altman's 2003 fly-on-the-wall docudrama starring Neve Campbell as a promising young dancer with Chicago's Joffrey Ballet Company. Mikhail Baryshnikov in tights or Malcolm McDowell in a yellow scarf: which will prevail?

Plus our quick takes on WISH I WAS HERE, LUCY, CHEF, THE PRETTY ONE, THE SIGNAL, and Karina Longworth's podcast YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS.

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