Trash, Art, And The Movies
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Paul and Heather review two movies about men who get magically transformed into women. First: ORLANDO, Sally Potter's 1992 film adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel, starring Tilda Swinton as an ageless, androgynous young Elizabethan nobleman who lives through four centuries of British history; then, SWITCH, Blake Edwards' 1991 comedy starring Ellen Barkin as a murdered ad man who is sent back to earth in the body of a beautiful blonde as punishment for his womanizing ways. Getting romanced by Billy Zane or date-raped by Jimmy Smits: which will prevail?

Plus: our quick takes on YOUR SISTER'S SISTER, CHINA GATE, and Karina Longworth's new book about Meryl Streep.

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