Trash, Art, And The Movies
The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Paul and Heather review two films about groups of men who sacrifice their lives in the name of a higher ideal: Xavier Beauvois' surprise box-office hit about Trappist monks in mid-’90s Algeria OF GODS AND MEN; and Takashi Miike's rousing historical action epic 13 ASSASSINS. Plus: Paul and Heather share their reactions to Terrence Malick's new film THE TREE OF LIFE, and round up the week's other most noteworthy new DVDs and Blu-Rays.

0:00: Intro/THE TREE OF LIFE
16:37: Guided By Voices, "I Am A Tree"
30:36: The Monks, "Monk Time"
31:30: 13 ASSASSINS
45:25: Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Time Of The Assassins"
46:23: Other noteworthy new DVDs and Blu-Rays/Outro 

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