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The podcast that pits arthouse cinema against brainless entertainment—and then declares a victor.

Paul and Heather review two films about flamboyant, high-living con men: in I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, Jim Carrey uses his powers of deception to further his romance with a fellow prison inmate, while in CASINO JACK, lobbyist Jack Abramoff Kevin Spacey uses his Washington connections to line his pockets with millions of dollars' worth of kickbacks. Also: Heather offers her mini-review of Derek Jarman's WITTGENSTEIN, while Paul notes the critical reaction to Todd Haynes' HBO miniseries MILDRED PIERCE, and describes his unsuccessful attempts to give his girlfriend nightmares.

0:00-14:47: Intro/WITTGENSTEIN/Paul's unscarable girlfriend/MILDRED PIERCE
14:47-15:48: The Darlings, "TV"
29:29-30:39: Nina Simone, "To Love Somebody"
30:39-44:10: CASINO JACK
44:10-45:08: Citay, "Be Careful With That Hat"
45:08-1:04:07: Other noteworthy new DVD releases/Outro 

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