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Paul and Heather review the Criterion edition of Mike Leigh's Gilbert & Sullivan Mikadopic TOPSY-TURVY, and Andrew Jarecki's true-crime thriller ALL GOOD THINGS. Also: we (vaguely) remember the life of Elizabeth Taylor, Heather contributes a mini-review of Akira Kurosawa's newly relevant drama I LIVE IN FEAR, and Paul goes gooey for Margot Kidder in his mini-review of the Brian De Palma thriller SISTERS. Plus: our lists of the week's other most noteworthy new DVD and Blu-Ray releases.


0:00-12:32: Intro/Elizabeth Taylor, RIP/I LIVE IN FEAR/SISTERS

12:32-13:32: The Bagdads, "Livin' in Fear"

13:32-28:47: TOPSY-TURVY

28:47-29:50: Gilbert O'Sullivan, "I Don't Love You But I Think I Like You"

29:50-41:42: ALL GOOD THINGS

41:42-42:44: Frank Williams and the Rocketeers, "Good Things (Pt. 1)"

42:44-1:03:26: Other noteworthy new DVDs/Outro

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